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The dictionary meaning of Benevolent is: Well meaning and kind. Big-hearted, helpful, just and fair, public-spirited, giving, caring, warm-hearted, philanthropic, humanitarian, bountiful, compassionate, having a disposition to do good, etc. Likewise, Benevolent Bancorp stands for all that is good.

“You’re not even fully human if the feeling of benevolence has not arisen in you.”  – Confucious

Benevolent Bancorp was started keeping “what is good for all” in mind. Benevolent Bancorp’s goal is to help its clients flourish and we are so very proud of our goal. Each and every human being who is working hard and working honestly deserves to flourish and enjoy the best the life has to offer.

Our mortgage rates are unbeatable. We spend time finding the Bank or the lender who has the lowest possible rate at that particular day when your file is ready. At times, our borrwers have ended up getting a lower rate than we had originally quoted them. Also, at times, a Bank may offer special disocunts to mortgage brokers. We pass on those discounts to you. 

Our service is unmatched. The mortgage underwriting process is streamlined. As such your mortgage gets approved and funded fast. 

Benevolent Bancorp also is a one-stop mortgage broker for all mortgage products. Bank Mortgage, Alt-A or ‘B’ Bank mortgage, Private Mortgage, Second Mortgage, Home Equity Line of Credit, Commercial, Construction and Land mortgage – we have them all. 

Call us for a no-obligation rate quote today and for pre-approval. 

A couple holding a model house and keys to their new home.

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

Dalai Lama